Turn Any Business Into A Loyalty Powerhouse Through Our Cloud-Based Platform

With Bag Seazun Rewards, businesses can easily create, manage and track their own mobile rewards program to increase customer loyalty and boost revenues. Our comprehensive platform allows you to get up and running in no time – no hardware or software required. Create membership cards and points system quickly, configure discounts, special promotions, limited-time offers and other perks with ease. Our mobile app makes it easy for customers to check their rewards status on the go! Join the Bag Seazun Rewards family today – your customers will thank you for it!


Reach new heights in customer engagement with your own Starbucks’ like loyalty program. Offer personalized discounts, incentives, and promotions. Reward clients with points that can be redeemed for products, gift cards, services or more.

With it’s intuitive setup, customizable rewards, automated redemption tracking, and personalized campaigns, Bag Seazun Rewards helps businesses deliver a tailored customer experience for each individual user. All with the click of a button.

Bag Seazun Rewards provides the insights needed to accurately target customers, curate relevant promotions and incentives, identify trends within the customer base, optimize actual reward redemptions ,and so much more.

Transforming Loyalty Programs With Advanced Technology

Bag Seazun Rewards Advanced is on a mission to transform loyalty programs with advanced technology. Our platform offers unlimited QR codes, rewards and gift cards so you can easily set promo quotas and generate more sales. With an array of DFY templates, team member access and an outsourcers license, we make it easier than ever to create dazzling loyalty programs and reward customers for their continued patronage. Reimagine loyalty with Bag Seazun Rewards Advanced and find out why our customers come back again—and again!

Agency With Licenses And Technology

Bag Seazun Rewards Whitelabel, provides agencies with the necessary licenses and technologies needed to integrate our products into their existing offerings. Along with access to our whitelabel ability, agency scaling materials and DFY resellers setup – all while allowing clients to add unlimited team members. We are proud to offer the tools that help agencies achieve success without spending a fortune on advertising or sacrificing quality. With Bag Seazun Rewards Whitelabel, we can make sure our clients get the most out of their purchases and maximize return on investment with ease.


Bag Seazun Rewards is the premier online destination for custom gift cards. Create a memorable gift experience with our easy-to-use card generator. Choose from our designs or customize your gift with photos or artwork, and add your own special touch to make the card one-of-a-kind. Plus, our secure payments system ensures maximum security of your transactions. With Bag Seazun Rewards, you know you’re giving great gifts that they’ll always remember!


Bag Seazun Rewards is leading the way in smart QR code technology. Our signature system makes it easy for businesses to reward their customers with discounts, exclusive products, and tailored offers that can be redeemed at the point of sale or online. Our automated loyalty program also help merchants increase sales, save time and money, create meaningful customer relationships, track customer data, understanding customer behavior and consolidating marketing activities into one comprehensive package.


At Bag Seazun Rewards, we believe that everybody deserves to be rewarded with something unique and special. That’s why we provide our customers with DFY giftcard and rewards templates so anyone can easily create and send thoughtful gifts tailored to individual needs. From digital gift cards redeemable towards store credit or cash back incentives, Bag Seazun Rewards offers something for every occasion — whether it’s a birthday, holiday season, or just to say thank you! Now you can make sure your loved ones are part of each and every celebration.

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