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The Legacy Table

A dynamic platform designed to empower individuals who aspire to build successful businesses. At The Legacy Table, we provide a supportive and collaborative environment where entrepreneurs can connect, learn, and grow.

Choosing Your Exit Plan

We believe that every person has the power to create a life and business experience of their dreams. We provide clients with personalized mentoring sessions, support and guidance to help them reach their potential and take control of their destinies. Whether you’re looking to explore new avenues in life or build your own business, our team of professionals will be there with you every step of the way. Our safe and encouraging space allows you to formulate pathways that will lead to lasting change and success. Let The Exit Plan be your guide on this life-altering journey.

Focuses on both employees and businesses reaching full potential.


Focuses on partners navigating through difficult conversations, deepening intimacy, and creating a flourishing bond.


Focuses on financial freedom and long-term money management.


Focuses on working one-on-one with individuals who want to improve their health and well-being.


Focuses on identifying and prioritizing goals that align with values and providing a framework for success.


Focuses on guiding you to discover the strength inside yourself during one of the most challenging times in life.


Focuses on transitional behaviors, experiences and approach.


Focuses on helping individuals identify and reach professional goals.

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We understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs/business owner’s face so, we’ve curated a living network that thrives from collaboration and community.


Ignite signifies the initial spark of entrepreneurial potential, where individuals are empowered to kickstart their business journey and set their ambitions ablaze. This program offers the essential tools and resources needed to ignite success and fuel growth.

The Legacy Table

The Legacy Table. Is not for everyone and can only be entered by way of invitation. At the Legacy Table we bask in accountibility, we eat challenges for breakfast, we thrive on showing up and showing out for each and every member. We make no excuses, we release all prisoner’s, and We hold no one captive. We position ourselves to ready. We Create Legacies!


Amplify represents the next level of entrepreneurial growth and impact. Participants in this program experience an amplified effect on their business and personal development. With access to advanced strategies,networking opportunities, and expert guidance, entrepreneurs can amplify their reach and influence in the industry.


Ascend embodies the pinnacle of achievement within the Boost program. This program is designed for those who are ready to ascend to new heights of success, leadership, and influence. By joining this exclusive community, entrepreneurs gain access to top-tier resources, networking with industry leaders,and the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape.

I Am Legend Coaching Partner’s

I Am Legend Coaching Partner’s. I Am Legend Coaching Partners offers a unique and powerful co-experience platform for members in pursuit of their business objectives. Our cutting-edge technology and expert team of advisors provide the support necessary to build a successful business.
From personalized coaching sessions, marketing strategies, branding advice, educational advice and much more, our coaches help you unlock your potential and reach your goals. With our comprehensive package of services and ongoing guidance from experienced professionals, I Am Legend can help you make the professional success you’ve been dreaming of.



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We’re excited to extend a invitation to you to join us in embarking on an extraordinary journey towards building a successful business career. At Bag Seazun Marketing, we firmly believe in nurturing aspiring individuals like yourself, who possess the drive, determination, and passion to excel in the business world. We have carefully curated comprehensive business opportunities designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and support needed to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace.